We are the proud parent company of the esteemed brands:

DecoTeak® - EcoDecors® - CoastalVogue® - Zen® - Loveable® - Design By Intent®

As a certified female-owned business located in Melbourne on the Space Coast of Florida, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Terri Gelman, the CEO and Founder of E&T Horizons, embarked on a journey in the teak manufacturing realm over a decade ago, starting with children-themed products. Recognizing the issue of limited access to teak products, Terri embarked on a mission to make luxury teak creations accessible to all. E&T Horizons proudly holds the distinction of being a certified woman-owned enterprise located on the Space Coast of Florida. With six distinct brand families under our umbrella, a diverse range of products awaits discerning customers.

Our offerings transcend mere elegance, providing solutions that encompass bathroom refinement to essential medical aids, departing from the traditional utilitarian metal and plastic shower safety devices. E&T Horizons stands firmly upon a foundation of core values, driving our company philosophy. Our market-leading designs and pioneering solutions differentiate us, ensuring products that seamlessly merge style with functionality.

At E&T Horizons, personalized and attentive service is paramount. Terri Gelman, the owner herself, is your direct point of contact, ensuring a bespoke assistance experience. This hands-on approach epitomizes our customer-centric ethos, guaranteeing an exceptional journey from inception to completion.


Together with Husband and COO Eric, Terri tirelessly crafts new designs and nurtures ethical partnerships with Indonesian manufacturers, fostering sustainable practices and supporting skilled artisans. Amidst the pandemic, we steadfastly maintained our commitments to ensure consistent workloads for our trading partners.


Sustainability is etched into our essence. We are resolute in our responsibility toward conscious sourcing and environmentally friendly packaging. Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We meticulously select the finest materials and collaborate with artisans who epitomize craftsmanship, resulting in products that transcend expectations and stand the test of time.

Our humility drives us to enhance lives through our products, be it medical aids or everyday essentials. We're dedicated to positive impact, not only within our community but extending beyond. Our commitment to philanthropy underscores our belief in the potency of kindness and generosity.

E&T Horizons' journey is an evolution of passion, purpose, and unwavering dedication to delivering excellence while nurturing both people and planet.